Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why the Atheists Always Win: A Dialogue

The Rooster:
you decry the "certainty" that atheists have
yet you yourself are quite "certain" that you do not have invisible
microscopic elves living in your adrenal glands
Zie: dude. im not saying God exists. im saying why does Dawkins have to spend all his time debating religious people? whats he trying to prove
im not certain of anything.. ever
its kind of a thing. i like options
The Rooster: religion demeans us
The Rooster: it's a form of intellectual degradation
and when people defend it they sound like the fucking lifetime channel
"it builds community!"
The Rooster: 'it brings people together'
so did the nazis
Zie: true
well i didn’t say that
The Rooster: I don't care about people coming together and preserving their insipid little cultures
see, with me my main target is not actually religion
Zie: i don’t particularly like religion in the majority of its forms. but i think its useless to make a career out of trying to bring it down. let people believe what they want
The Rooster: but irrationalism, of which religion is a noticeable and particularly virulent form
Zie: i have a bigger problem with creationists
Zie: dude. we'll always have this debate. rationalism is way more important to you than it is to me
The Rooster: no no no
I am not advocating rationalism
I afford plenty of space to the "non-rational"
it's the irrational I have a problem with
Zie: i dont think religion has to be irrational in all its forms
The Rooster: I think we should replace religion with art, science and philosophy
I think it does. give me one example where it isn't
Zie: ok. reconstructionist Judaism that views god as a metaphor and always approaches the bible figuratively
The Rooster: well that's hardly even religion
Zie: thats not true
The Rooster: more like a bunch of losers trying to get some life out of a dead horse
Zie: well it depends how you define religion. and that’s not a topic i want to start.. as i am sick of talking about that
The Rooster: why aren't they recontructionist Christians?
why single out a religion?
Zie: they're called Unitarians
The Rooster: and they are fucking pathetic
but that's not the point I am making. If we think god is a metaphor why would you care more about, say, the Jewish fake god than the Christian or Muslim fake gods?
Zie: i dont
The Rooster: well, then the "god" concept becomes so vacuous so as to be reconciliable with almost anything, including atheism
when God means something, it means something absurd
Zie: you are missing the point. the point is what God as a term stands in for.
The Rooster: at other times, it is simply meaningless
Zie: if God is a stand in for a person/groups beliefs about a whole range of topics.. then it can be a powerful thing
The Rooster: so can termites>
who cares?
Zie: listen. i have to get back to German. i dont even believe in a God figure
The Rooster: neither do I

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