Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Ohmygoodness! I love how Demille totally predates the Goth look. Man. Totally ahead of his time.

Now my only question is whether this is ironic or not. If it is ironic, then...tip-top awesome! If not, then just plain hilarious. "Does this mean I miss out on my Christmas holiday?" HAH! Jeez. The ONLY good reason not to be an atheist: presents!

Tip o' the hat to Skepchick for the link.


So, I'm in school in the midwest. I'm a grad student, to be more precise, in religious studies. Yes, I know. An atheist, in religious studies. What was I thinking? I ask myself this sometimes, but I think skeptics and atheists do need to learn ABOUT religions. We might be some of the best people in the field, in fact, and there's been a large upsurge of at-least-agnostics studying religion recently, which is nice to see.

And please don't laugh at the grad students. We're just people who made terrible life choices. *sigh*

And what am I reading right now, you might ask? I know, thrilling!

For one, I'm reading Bonhoeffer for a class, his "Ethics." I just can't get into this book in the slightest. I find some parts of it, like his discussion of speech, quite interesting, and I feel like I could draw out useful bits of it. However, the vast majority is drawn up in the fact that the only possible basis for ethics is the Jesus. Seriously?

More on this later. Too much work tonight. Really just wanted to post the atheist video for giggles.

If anyone has extra tickets to TAM

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