Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Complete Randomness...Also...Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine's Day guys?

I know what I'm going to be doing. Reading ScienceBlogs. Durn skippy. And instead of chocolates, I'll eat some pseudoscientists and woo-masters. OMNOM.

For you astronomy buffs out there, the universe (or at least Mars) says it loves you:

The Mars Valentine Crater.

Also, the Mars Valentine Mesa? Look for more at the Bad Astronomy Blog.

So, call up a geek for Valentine's Day. They're just socially awkward, and that may be a good thing? I'll look for some meta-studies on self-monitoring and romantic relationships.

More randomness below the fold...

You know I had to include a little skepticism tonight, and I think this sums it up pretty well:


Oh my goodness! How cute is that?! don't know Raptor Jesus?


He went extinct for your sins, guys. Extinct. Sigh...

And for the most awesome (terrifying) picture of the night:

Alright, have a good Valentine's Day, you people who are in relationships or want to be in one. I'm out for the night.


Katrina said...

I called a geek on Valentine's day, and he got snarky with me when I wished him a happy Valentine's.

Can't imagine who that was. No, sir, I can't.

Ragoth said...

Hey, I didn't get snarky. I was caught off guard and wished you a happy valentine's day too.

Not snarky at all.

But I still got no science Valentine's Day card...*sigh*

Katrina said...

That's amazing! Neither did I!

I was incredibly busy getting geared up for my training in Orlando and forgot all about it.