Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stop Sylvia Browne

Most of you who frequent this blog probably have a good idea of how I feel about psychics. I think most are outright frauds, and the rest are self-deluded. I've heard the "comfort" argument before, but I don't buy it, because if nothing else, it keeps people clinging to a psychic as a connection to a lost loved one - they never have closure, they can never heal.

I think South Park actually has one of the best take-downs of psychics ever. Ever.

But let me tell you a bit about Robert Lancaster.

Robert Lancaster is the skeptic's dream. He's a kind, considerate guy who always comes off as level-headed. Which is great - he's really a poster-boy for what part of the skeptical movement should be.

Mr. Lancaster runs a very focused site, Stop Sylvia Browne. Now, he was hospitalized not too long ago, and the original domain for the site lapsed. Someone in Sylvia's circle snapped up the site, and so Mr. Lancaster had to move it.

The point of the site is to present the facts about Sylvia Browne. He does not cajole. He does not speculate. He simply puts up articles about people who have fallen out of the movement and how her predictions have turned out. This, despite the fact that Mr. Lancaster has very strong opinions on the whole matter. It's a model that some of us could work towards. Also despite some of the harsher reactions that Sylvia and her fans have had towards him. And an interesting confrontation at one of her shows.

Anyway, I just want to plug Robert Lancaster once again for all of you. Go to www.stopsylvia.com and read some. It's encouraging and sad at the same time, but a good read, and a good way to train up some skeptical chops.

Likewise, thanks to tkingdoll's post over at Skepchick.

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