Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God-Walloping Meathead Writes to Obama - Or, Chuck Norris is an Ass

Apparently Chuck Norris has found enough time from his busy schedule to write a nice letter to President-Elect Obama. Oh...wait. I forgot. Chuck Norris is crazy-deep end dude...

I think Rev. BigDumbChimp does an excellent job of teasing apart the tricky meaning behind all those veiled threats and "suggestions." You have to wonder at the gall of this dude. And, sadly, at how much of the American population he probably represents.

Chuck, this is official. I briefly thought that the whole Chuck Norris internet meme was alright. I may have even watched an episode or two of Walker, Texas Ranger when I was younger...but, buddy, you've completely lost me when you went bat-shit loco.

Thanks to PZ over at Pharyngula for this tip off.

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