Friday, November 21, 2008

CNN...Dropping the Ball

...I'll probably end up watching this...but from this blurb, it looks really terrible.

Also, "I want to see a V-Shaped Martian head...little rotini thing, not so interesting." Oh, please.

I'm going to go ahead and through it out there, CNN, one of the worst preview blurbs ever. Ever.


I'm...speechless. I appreciate what the interviewer's trying to go for, but...I also see how the external criticism is going to do nothing. I think this is going to require me to start posting on theories of religion and end up with Jeffery Stout, who argues that we should be able to use our comprehensive doctrines as reasons for public policy (i.e., argue on religious grounds in the political arena), so long as we are committed to the democratic process. This guy is obviously not. And re-appropriating history...ah, it leaves a smell the air.

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Zie said...

Um.. Exodus 20:3= You should have no other gods besides me... curious. Doesn't say anything about Christian presidents with "Muslim" sounding names.