Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation, and some good links

I'm going to be on vacation, starting tomorrow. I'll try to post some while I'm at home, but honestly, I think I'll probably just sleep most of the time.

In the meantime, I'm sure The Rooster and DirtyGaijin will keep you entertained. If not, however, then just navigate yourself over to Thunderf00t. Always interesting, and hours of videos to watch. Likewise, he has a great number of links to follow for your better education and enjoyment.

Also, I want to direct you towards this reply letter from a librarian. Absolutely brilliant, and what we should all aspire towards. This, to me, is actually a really good understanding of what was intended by the Founding Fathers. Note, this is quite different from what those on the Right (and often those on the Left these days) will say about that topic. Tip o' the electronic card catalog to Skepchick.

Also wik, please welcome our Robot Overlords. This is actually an example of real progress in robotics. I'm most impressed by the thing's resistance to being kicked and moving over the ice. The recovery seems almost...natural...which is so...unnatural. Ah! Uncanny valley! Tip o' the articulating leg to Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy.

Also also wik, go and read about Sonic Hedgehog, or shh, over at Pharyngula. Good discussion. Take some time and read up on evo-devo. I highly recommend it. Just put down plastic tarp for when your head explodes (and will...).

Anyway, hope you kids have fun while I'm gone. Keep the place clean.