Sunday, April 6, 2008

Anonymous and Scientology

Because it matters. Because it is an affront to the values of free speech and free will. Because it is full of outright lies. Because it is utterly hypocritical and devoid of ethical action. Because Scientology, like Creationism, actually stands a chance towards political influence and dragging down what we, as humans, have worked so hard for in the past few centuries. Because we are a part of a distributed network for the first time able to effectively combat a centralized organization which has proven itself to be strongly anti-life, anti-humanity, and unethical.

Watch it, learn about it, and understand the model and how it applies to a great deal else in the world. When the general public response to organizations like this, or Creationists trying to take over the educational system is "Well, why even bother? What does it matter?" you should be anxious for the future. Why are we still not up in arms over the Patriot Act, and why don't people realize that it is exactly the same tactic that Scientology uses to suppress its defectors and opponents?

Who is Anonymous? We all are, when we chose to educate ourselves, spread the message, and act.


L Ron Hubbard said...

Hey, great post on Scientology!

Check out my "Stop Scientology" website or Blog if you get a chance:

Have an excellent day!

Zie said...

awesome. its definitely an effective activist methodology... made even more effective by the extent of their knowledge of and use of technology and the www... nice

Zie said...

that and we have officially joined anonymous. im in

Ragoth said...

Anonymous has always already been here.

Anonymous said...

Don't get it? Figure it out.

This is the most powerful force in the world today. It can destroy anything on earth. It can and will destroy Scientology.