Sunday, June 8, 2008

And my day started off so well...

Guys, guys! Seriously! LHC pictures, now!

25 years to complete! 5 years to wind the solenoid coil of the CMS! 15 million gigabytes of data per year! 1900 tons of central detector goodness!

I feel like a gibbering mouther geek-in-heaven. Hat tip to the Bad Astronomer for this one.

So, my day started off great! LHC goodness, science progressing...hell, we've made plastics that are more stretchy by an order of magnitude - very cool - we've found a 380 million year old fish fossil with an unborn embryo inside, with a fossilized umbilical cord. This is the oldest known vertebrate mother, and the oldest known example of an animal giving birth to live young. Awesome! Hell, we've got a robot on Mars that's going to be doing some really awesome science, and, well, okay, the soil's kinda clumpy and that's messing with it getting through the screen, but we'll figure it out, honest. An interesting question is why the soil might be so clumpy. Any astronomers out there want to give us the low-down on Martian soil types?

Oh...wait...what's that you say, PZ? A video...a video of McCain...and he's saying what?


Damn it...c'mon Democrats and Independents, atheists and agnostics, and anyone else who cares about religious freedom. We have to get our act together. Man..this is a total bummer. Now my day's sort of ruined. can't be serious, interwebz. There cannot be someone who things they see Jesus in some french fries....


It's over guys. We might as well pack it all in.

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